Welcome to Bramley and Walker; we are looking forward to helping you find your ultimate dog gifts. We have a beautiful range of clothing, both fun and practical. All items at Bramley and Walker have been selected for style and quality.

Bramley & Walker is a British brand offering lucky pooches & their owners (worldwide) a stylish collection of leads, collars and accessories. Founded by Kristy Eivers fur mum to Branston, Rufus Bella and her horse Truli she is passionate for her love of animals and they have always played a prominent role her in life.

Bramley & Walker provides pet owners with a stunning array of unique dog accessories that not only offer our beloved beasts super comfort but also add a serious dash of style around the home, park or even pub…….

The origin of Bramley and Walker can be traced back to conversation between Kristy and her fiance whilst walking their much adored aforementioned wolf-pack, the topic turned to how cool it would be if they could wear bespoke designed matching leads and collars.  It was at this moment the idea crystallised and Kristy knew this was something she had to do. The topic quickly turned to names, her partner suggested Bramley and Walker as they were passing a bunch of Bramley apple trees and were in fact on a walk!! From that moment Bramley and Walker was born.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Bramley and Walker.